In 1971, what women could not do and what they can't do now.

Women, especially those from minority populations, and marginalized communities, have been fighting for each one of these rights. Each one took a huge battle to accomplish and we have a lot further to go. Any of us who are in a place of privilege needs to step it up. That goes for the men too.

That's why, for instance, when people say that they are against Medicare FOR ALL, or criticize those that are, for instance, I take it personally.

In 1971, when I was 11 years old, women could not:

❎Obtain a credit card in her own name
❎Guarantee keeping her job if she became pregnant
❎Serve on a jury
❎Fight on military front lines
❎Take action against workplace sexual harassment
❎Say no to sexual relations with her spouse
❎Obtain health insurance at the same cost as her spouse
❎Take birth control pills or morning after pills
❎Legally get an abortion
❎Marry another woman

In 2019, as a 59 year old, I recognize that women still can't:

❎Receive equal pay for equal work
❎Name a female President of the U.S.
❎Name a female Governor or US Senator in Colorado
❎Legally marry a woman in all 50 states
❎Work without fear of sexism and sexual harassment
❎Legally obtain an abortion in all 50 states
❎Receive guaranteed family maternity or medical leave 
❎Be certain coverage will cover contraception
❎Be certain coverage will cover pregnancy
❎Be guaranteed health care
❎See an Equal Rights Amendment in the Constitution

Diana Bray