Reflections about the Bernie Sanders Rally

I had a great time at the Bernie Sanders rally last night. He’s the model for progressive vision.

Joe Salazar and Emily Sirota also gave powerful introductions.

I have admired Sanders since he was elected Mayor of Burlington in 1981, when I was in college in Vermont.

Of all the US Senate candidates, my platform most closely aligns with his and Bernie’s policy ideas and philosophy have remained consistent over the last 40 years.

Lots of people up and down the ballot are trying to jump on the progressive bandwagon, but Bernie’s the only one who, for decades, has gone after big corporations, especially big polluters, tried to keep us out of wars and has always been a defender of those who are vulnerable.

I am tired of hearing politicians say that they will (finally) support climate action but most still don’t go nearly far enough. And what took them so long? Even Democrats who consider themselves progressive, have been severely lacking.

Heading into the rally, I listened to Greta Thunberg, Naomi Klein, Xiuhtezcatl and others calling for action, not just words

At age 79, Bernie’s voice, crackling and gravelly, spoke truth to power and for me, his was a voice of reason and strength.

Bernie was brilliant and captivated the crowd of over 10,000. And it’s interesting that I had to search for that number, because it wasn’t reported in most mainstream, local media.

Diana Bray