Psychologist. Mother. Climate Justice Advocate. Proud Coloradan.

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Defending the environment. Promoting justice. Now is the time.

As crisis looms at home and abroad, our future can seem uncertain. In times like these, the character and vision of our elected leaders matters more than ever.

Diana brings a progressive, Coloradan voice to the US Senate. Her advocacy on behalf of our environment, her years raising her four children, and decades serving the mental health needs of our community have all taught her how much is at stake, and how much we have to gain.

Now is the time for Coloradan leadership. With Diana Bray as our next Senator, Colorado will be poised to lead our nation through the trials ahead, and into a more prosperous, equitable and just future.

Why She’s Running


A Climate of Justice

From healthcare to education, from national security to infrastructure, the health of our environment affects every issue that affects you and your family.


Healthcare and the Environment

The health of our communities depends on the health of our environment. Cleaning up our air and water is the first step, but we can do so much more. By reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change we will prevent the spread of infectious disease and reduce healthcare costs overall. Bringing costs down will make for a smoother transition to a single-payer system that serves all Americans.

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Education and the Environment

Our kids learn best when they are healthy, fed, and safe. We can do this best by reinvesting in our neighborhood schools, giving our teachers the resources they need to succeed, and breaking down the barriers between the richest and poorest districts. Our schools can uplift every student into the next generation of leadership, securing a future for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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National Security and the Environment

Our Armed Forces have always risen to the challenge of defending our nation, and the threat of climate change is no exception. As we move the Department of Defense onto a green footing we will be able to safeguard American lives and American values through this century and into the next.

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Infrastructure and the Environment

America has benefited enormously from the investments made by our grandparents, and the time has come to do our part for future generations of Americans. Investing in infrastructure is a necessity and opportunity all in one. We can bring American infrastructure into the twenty-first century. With smarter, greener, and safer technologies available, we can protect our climate, grow our economy, and improve our quality of life all at the same time.

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