What Matters Most:

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. Left unchecked, the damage to our society will be catastrophic, and no person will be left untouched.

But it is the enormous scope of this issue that provides us with opportunity. Through climate action, we can tackle income inequality, grow the economy, and build a more just America. Diana knows this, and now she invites you to see what we can do in a climate of justice.



For the past 10 years, Diana has been working to combat climate change and advocating for measures to protect Colorado and our environment. Most recently, Diana worked tirelessly to establish common sense buffer zones between our homes and schools and industrial extraction sites. But we need to go much further.

  • Supporting and Funding Bernie Sanders Green New Deal (proposed, August, 2019). This important resolution is a bold action for protecting our planet for future generations.

  • Investing in renewable energy sources. Our energy needs cannot be met by a single source and are too important to leave to a finite, volatile resource. Fully renewable energy by 2030 will help preserve our planet, strengthen our national security, and put more money into the pockets of American taxpayers.

  • Federal support for a Just Transition. There are already jobs in renewable energy that need skilled workers. For those fields with declining job opportunities, we can utilize existing Joint Apprenticeship Training Centers and offer job retraining programs as necessary. This makes both environmental and economic sense — investing in our existing workers will ensure job security for hundreds of thousands of workers.

  • Rejoin and expand the international coalition tackling climate change. We can make great strides within our own borders, but we need to recognize the global threat that we face. Every nation has a part to play in protecting our environment, and America needs to put its weight behind international efforts.

  • Restoring and expanding the Environmental Protection Agency’s oversight. The EPA needs to be the front-line champion in the fight to protect our environment. It's time to initiate and support proposals to crack down on polluters, reduce carbon emissions, and clean up our air and water.

  • Protect our public lands from privatization. These pristine lands are our national treasures, not another market for wealthy corporations to plunder. On Diana’s watch, our grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be able to enjoy these natural wonders.

  • Combating environmental racism. Marginalized communities are significantly more exposed to hazardous waste, have less access to clean water, and lack the infrastructure to combat environmental dangers like flooding and fires. We have to eliminate structural and institutional environmental injustices.

  • Eliminate fracking. We know that fracking causes health risks to our communities, and damage to our environment. We have clean alternatives, and the profit of a few does not justify the suffering of many.



Diana believes that a Single-Payer Medicare For All system will eliminate the burdensome costs of not just catastrophic health diagnoses, but general care necessary for good health and wellness. A family should not be bankrupted when a loved one gets sick. Healthcare isn’t just a right, it’s a necessity.

  • Institute a Medicare-for-All system that combines the best of Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare currently serves large numbers of people efficiently, while Medicaid works best to provide specialized and long-term care. A combination of the two can serve the entire American population.

  • Eliminate co-pays, deductibles, and all point of service costs. Many people put off seeking medical treatment for fear of extra costs pilling up. This often leads to higher costs for everyone, as preventable conditions grow more severe.

  • Adjust Medicare taxes for both employers and employees to cover the cost of Medicare For All while saving both employers and employees the costs of premiums and point of service costs.

  • Expand Medicare to cover vision, hearing, dental, prescription drugs, mental health services and disabilities. Each of these components is a critical piece of overall health.

  • Negotiate and regulate prescription drug prices at the national level with the full weight of the American people’s buying power.

  • Combat the opioid crisis through investing in medical technology, such as longer lasting anesthesia, to provide patients pain relief without ever prescribing these dangerous drugs in the first place.

  • Address the crisis of suicide. We must offer more extensive and effective mental health services so all Americans have the support they deserve.

  • Pass nationwide Medical Marijuana reforms. Federal research into the full benefits and costs of therapeutic cannabis has been hamstrung by outdated laws.

  • Establish safe injection sites to increase the delivery of medical and social services while reducing drug-related overdoses and the spread of infectious disease associated with needle sharing.


Gun Safety

While some states are taking strides passing gun safety laws, we need to address the gun violence problem at the federal level. States with longer waiting periods have significant reductions in gun-related deaths. We must adopt evidence-based gun safety laws. Here’s what I’m advocating for:

  • Universal Background Checks

  • Buyback for Assault Weapons

  • Closing the Gun Show Loophole for private-party gun purchases

  • Mandating safety and maintenance training certification and licensure

  • Federally mandated Ten Day Waiting Period

  • Strengthening the ban on straw purchases

  • Institute ERPO (Red Flag) Laws

  • Funding local evidence-based strategies for reducing gun violence

  • Limiting bulk-gun purchases

  • Strengthening the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF)

  • Rescind the Dickey Amendment which prevents the CDC from engaging in gun specific research and gun law advocacy

  • Prevent gun sales to individuals who are convicted of domestic abuse or stalking

  • Banning weapon modifications that make semi-automatic firearms into fully-automatic firearms i.e bump stocks

  • Regulate the production and distribution of ghost guns

  • Ban military-grade assault weapons

  • Require safe storage of guns

  • Providing threat assessment resources to schools

  • Addressing root causes: racial hatred, bullying, mental health, poverty



Our schools, teachers, and students need support. It makes both moral and economic sense to invest in all of our children. Regardless of the zip code they live in, every child deserves an education that sets them up for a bright future.

  • Colorado has taken the first steps towards fully funding full-day kindergarten. While this is a great starting place, we need to take it further. We need to institute universal pre-K across our entire country to provide the educational foundations that help students succeed in school and become productive members of society.

  • Ensure federal funds are directed to the communities, schools and students that need them the most.

  • Increase funding and develop widespread accessibility for students with disabilities. Our schools need to be equipped to assist students with all types of disabilities. That means funding for handrails, ramps, and other necessary accommodations, as well as funding for teachers who specialize in teaching students with disabilities.

  • Establishing peer review accountability and ending test-based assessment for teachers. Teachers should be spending the school year providing students a well rounded education, not solely prepping for exams.

  • Enforcing Civil Rights protections at all levels of education. Schools in wealthier, white-dominated zip codes receive more funding and resources, and this inequity must end.



Turning the tide on the climate crisis will require a talented, highly-educated workforce to build tomorrow’s green economy. But while the American university system has been a point of pride for decades, it is now a system that benefits the wealthy while setting others behind. Diana’s plan will increase access to higher education by reducing the oppressive financial burden faced by students.

  • Tuition-free state college. All of our students deserve a shot at success. By guaranteeing access to a bachelor’s degree, we will spur innovation, reduce inequality, and ensure a steady stream of educated workers for all sectors of the economy.

  • Apprenticeships, Vocational Training, and Trade Schools. Traditional 4-year degrees aren’t the best fit for every student, and there are many jobs that don’t require a 4-year degree. For those students and those jobs, we should offer alternative pathways to certifications and training. Not only will this help fill jobs in critical fields, it will also decrease the costs of traditional 4-year degrees.

  • Eliminating the burden of student debt. Student debt has become the second largest source of debt in America and is crushing the life out of our economy. Young people suffering under the burdens of exorbitant monthly payments struggle to start businesses and buy homes, and all too frequently can never fully repay their loans. America prospers when people are allowed to take risks and exercise their talents, so taking the pressure of our graduates is a national priority.



Strong unions make a strong America. As our unions have declined in power, so have wages, benefits, and the quality of life of all American workers. Diana pledges to work with labor to improve wages, working conditions, and worker safety in every sector of the economy. At the same time, she will work with unions to modernize and adapt the model of the 20th century to the realities of work in the 21st century.

  • Ensure a Just Transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. The input and insight of labor is essential to managing this accelerating change, and we must ensure that we build a green economy that works for everyone.

  • Make the federal government an ally of labor, not a foe. The federal tax code can be used to reward companies that encourage and support labor, and penalize bad actors who discourage, intimidate, or threaten workers.

  • Employ Best-Value Contracting. Taking a Best-Value approach to Federal contracts will not only guarantee good, high-paying jobs during the Just Transition, but it will also ensure a better product for the American people.

  • Bring collective bargaining to contract work and the gig economy. Once a useful point of flexibility, wealthy corporations have expanded contract work in to a way to avoid paying overtime and benefits to their workers. Similarly, the gig economy is driven almost entirely by this exploitative model. Diana will work to institute new laws to protect gig and contract workers.

  • Equal pay for equal work. We can no longer tolerate blatant discrimination in our workforce.

  • Fight for 15! A $15 federal minimum wage is the first step to reversing decades of wage stagnation. American workers should be paid more, not less.


Women’s Rights

Women’s rights are human rights, and empowering women and girls is the surest way to ensure that everyone prospers. As a mother of four and a mental health practitioner, Diana understands the struggles of raising a family in modern America. Her commitment to American women is absolute, and she will always stand up for them and their families.

  • Autonomy over our bodies is a fundamental human right. Diana will never waver on this core belief: that the only person qualified to make decisions about her body is the woman herself.

  • Equal pay for equal work. It bears repeating: we can no longer tolerate blatant discrimination in our workforce.

  • Paid family leave. If strong families are the cornerstone of American society, parents must have the option to care for them when necessary.

  • Comprehensive sex education. Ensuring that our children receive the best scientifically-founded information on human sexuality, and are taught the central importance of consent, will reduce rates of teen pregnancy, reduce rates of sexually transmitted infections, and promote healthy, loving relationships.

  • Ensure universal access to contraception. To make the best decisions about family planing, women need access to all of the options. Further, the federal government should work to bring male contraceptives to market so everyone can make their own choices about their fertility.



Though we have made great strides in LGBTQ equality in past decades, more remains to be done. Diana’s work in clinical psychology has taught her the importance of strong allies for the LGBTQ community and she will fight discrimination in every form.

  • Support the Federal Equality Act. This crucial legislation would amend the Civil Rights Act to add protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

  • Improved services to LGBTQ youth. Young LGBTQ people need to know that their government is there for them too, and will help them through the challenges of growing up in a complicated society.

  • Pushing back against discriminatory legislation. Under the guise of ‘religious freedom’, anti-LGBTQ hate groups have been writing discrimination into state and federal law. Diana pledges to reject these cynical attempts to divide our communities and to ensure fair treatment for all.



As a nation founded by immigrants and for immigrants, America must reassert it’s place in the world as a welcoming beacon of freedom. The current bad-faith attacks on new Americans shame us all. Diana stands with our immigrant families, whether they arrived here one year ago or one hundred years ago.

  • Protect our Dreamers and DACA. Dreamers are Americans, too, and efforts to deport Americans have no place in our government. While we work to develop the broader approach to immigration reform, we must keep our promises to our Dreamers.

  • Provide a meaningful road-map to citizenship. Undocumented Americans have been making contributions to our communities for decades, and we should recognize and reward their hard work with the full rights and privileges of citizenship.

  • Permanently end family separations. Dividing children and parents is a crime against humanity, and America should not tolerate such an evil practice. This inhumane policy must be ended.

  • Addressing the humanitarian crisis on our southern border. Border patrol is currently under-equipped and under-staffed to meet the needs of the refugee and asylum-seeking families at our ports of entry. All who come to America seeking a better life deserve humane treatment as their requests are being processed, so we must expand our staff and facilities to meet this need.

  • Reform and repair ICE. While ICE performs essential functions, the agency has been corrupted by hate groups. ICE is now actively making our communities less safe through vicious and predatory tactics. All of our communities need to be able to reach out to law enforcement, community services, and local governments without the fear of their families being torn apart.



As our senior population expands, we are called to reexamine how we approach senior care in America. Diana understands that while access to quality, affordable medical care is important, the ability to live active, meaningful lives and to continue making contributions to our nation is even more important.

  • Protect Social Security from privatization. The volatility of the market is an inappropriate foundation for one of our most sacred promises to our elders. We will not go back to a time when growing older meant growing poor.

  • Expand service opportunities for seniors. With so much to teach, sequestering our seniors away in medical facilities is a tragic mistake. We should be looking for agencies and programs that can benefit from the experience and dedication our retirees possess.

  • Developing first- and last-mile transit systems. The ability to get where you need to go is essential to living an independent life. As we build modernized rapid transit networks, we need to consider people with mobility restrictions, and offer solutions to fill gaps in a journey.

  • Cracking down on scams and exploitation targeting seniors. An unfortunate consequence of the isolation experienced by many seniors is an increased vulnerability to exploitation. Through a combination of education, civic engagement and criminal prosecution, we can end these predatory practices.



The rate of homelessness, suicide, and substance abuse among our veterans is one of the great tragedies of our time.  It is essential that we begin to mend the broken promises to our courageous service people, and keep the promise that all who serve America will be served in turn.

  • Guaranteed uncapped mental healthcare for all veterans. Everyone who serves is changed by the experience, and we must help to heal all wounds, whether physical or mental. Currently, many veterans are left to fend for themselves after a handful of consultations, and this is unacceptable.

  • End predatory lending and exploitation of veterans. Greedy corporations that prey on American veterans cannot be allowed to continue exploiting our women and men in service. Both the Justice Department and the Veterans administration need to be empowered to take action.

  • Reform the VA to reduce wait times and improve service. The VA is fundamentally under-funded and under-staffed. The resources we commit to assisting our veterans must equal the sacrifices they made in our defense.


National Security

The Department of Defense has recognized Climate Change as the greatest national security threat we face in this century. To rise to this challenge, we must adopt broader ideas of defense that incorporates all forms of American power, not just our military might. Simultaneously, we must adapt our armed forces to the new kinds of missions we must undertake.

  • Rebuild and expand the State Department. Diplomacy is America’s first line of defense, and our network of alliances has kept us safe for generations. While that network has been strained by the current administration, we can and must do the work to repair and expand it, and this requires reinvesting in our diplomatic corps.

  • End forever wars. Each military deployment should have clear criteria for its objectives and conclusions, and be extended only after full congressional and public review.

  • Reassert the war powers of Congress. The US Constitution does not grant the President unilateral authority to use force, and the American people must demand that our military only be deployed when approved by our Representatives and Senators.

  • Divest from ineffective and overly expensive weapons programs. Our military procurement process has ground our progress in defense technology to a halt, leaving us behind allies and rivals alike while wasting billions of taxpayer dollars. Contractors that cannot deliver should have their contracts terminated.



American justice should be a model for the world, but the influence of big corporate money has corrupted our system. Diana pledges to put our justice system back to work for the people by ending incarceration-for-profit, and tackling the worst abusers of the environment and economy at the highest levels.

  • Ending for-profit prisons and mass incarceration. The land of the free cannot have the largest population of prisoners in the world, and no one should make money from locking up Americans. Ending the scourge of private prisons is one of Diana’s top priorities.

  • Black Lives Matter. The epidemic of extra-judicial killings that are being inflicted on our Black communities must end. Everyone deserves a safe community in which they can contact law enforcement without fear of being executed in the street. The federal government must enforce civil rights violations and must protect those who are victims of racial hatred.

  • Cracking down on white-collar crime. As we have learned so painfully in the past several years, corruption throughout our finance system costs our economy and taxpayers billions of dollars a year. We must get these bad actors out of boardrooms and the halls of power and hold them accountable.

  • Reschedule cannabis and allow legal marijuana access to the federal banking system. The current DEA schedule for marijuana reflects a pro-tobacco position more than any scientific data. Aside from the reduced strain on our law enforcement agencies, we will be able to extend the benefits of industrial hemp more widely.

  • Ending the war on drugs and mandatory minimum sentencing. Drug addiction and substance abuse is a health issue, not a criminal one. Nonetheless, we have sacrificed billions of dollars and thousands of lives in a crackdown that is too often a war on our most marginalized communities. We can begin to repair relations between communities and law enforcement while saving taxpayers money simply by changing our approach to the issue of substance abuse.

  • Implement gun safety laws. A Colorado style mandatory background check is the least we can do to keep lethal weapons out of the hands of criminals and those who pose a threat to themselves and others.


Voting Rights and Campaign Finance Reform

Our democracy has been under attack from outside our borders and from within. Taking the necessary steps to address the numerous crises we face will require the informed consent of the public. Without free and fair elections in which every vote counts, we cannot be sure that our government is properly responsive to the public’s wishes.

  • End Citizens United. Money is not speech and corporations are not people. More than any other court decision this century, Citizens United has undermined the democratic principles America was founded on. We need to pass federal campaign finance reform.

  • Institute the National Popular Vote Compact. The Electoral College is a relic of the past developed to protect slaveholders. The National Popular Vote Compact ensures one vote for one voter and makes the election of the president a truly democratic process.

  • Move to a nation-wide mail-in ballot. Our voting system in Colorado is one of the best in the nation, and we should extend that model to the whole country. Mail-in ballots are secure, easy to use, and allow voters the flexibility to vote how they want within a reasonable time-frame. No American should have their electoral rights denied by politicians who benefit from low turnout.

  • National same-day voter registration. Artificial deadlines have been used to suppress voters for decades, and it’s time for this shameful practice to end. Any American who is eligible and wishes to participate in our elections should be allowed to.



Our parents and grandparents made solid investments into American infrastructure, and we have reaped the rewards. The time has come to make our own investment in our nation’s future prosperity, not just by rebuilding what we have, but by improving and updating our roads, bridges, electrical grid, and transit systems. Redeveloping these crucial parts of American life will not only help us combat climate change, but will also create good jobs and boost the economy for everybody.

  • Accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy. When led by working people, this transition will create jobs, save our families money, and take our energy supply out of volatile foreign markets.

  • Begin construction of a smart grid. A robust, flexible electrical grid will be able to transmit and store energy generated by thousands of independent sources anywhere in the country. States with access to high amounts of solar, wind, and geothermal energy can supply the rest of the nation, and the smart grid allows the US to become a net energy exporter once the transition to renewable sources is complete.

  • Invest in high-speed rail transit systems. For moving large numbers of passengers and the critical freight to rebuild our nation, nothing beats the speed and efficiency of rail. As we incorporate new technologies and practices we will improve safety and reduce costs.